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The Philippines is fast catching up with India as the most preferred destination for outsourced SEO projects. While some people may claim that the increased demand for Philippines writers is as a result of cheap labor, this is not true. As is the case with the Indian, the Philippines discovered that the key to building their economy is capitalizing on outsourced work. Moreover, the companies that outsource SEO projects are a reputable business and would not in a million years outsource their SEO projects to a country with no experience, expertise and knowledge in SEO work.

Therefore, if you have SEO work and are thinking of outsourcing it to the Philippines, but are not certain of the labor there, then you will most definitely find this article quite an interesting read. Illustrated herein, are 8 reasons why we need to choose SEO from the Philippines.

1. Availability of Labor

Perhaps the greatest reason for opting to select SEO in the Philippines work is the availability of labor. As is the case with India, Philippines boast of a huge workforce. As a matter of fact, some of the SEO professionals in the United States, UK and Canada have shifted their base to the Philippines since the country has more than enough labor.

2. Experience

SEO is an essential requirement for every online business. However, so much has changed over the last couple of months. With the introduction of Google updates (i.e. Panda and Penguin), most blogs and sites have lost rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). As such, there is an increased demand for SEO experts with experience in search engine ranking to help with recovery from Google updates. The good news is that SEO in the Philippines has managed to adapt well to the changes. Majorities of online entrepreneurs interviewed admitted to preferring Philippines when it comes to SEO work since they are experienced in the different aspects of search engine optimization. Even after Google introduced Penguin and Panda updates, SEO from Philippines managed to adapt well to the changes.

3. Expertise

Then again, experience is not complete without expertise. Majorities of Philippines writers understand the fact that they cannot make it in this competitive market if they lack the expertise needed to undertake the jobs assigned to them. As such, most people in the Philippines who are thinking of getting into SEO work undergo training, which includes written and practical exams. More than often, the training is offered by companies that specialize in SEO work since most colleges and universities are yet to introduce SEO into their syllabus.

4. Certified Internet Marketing Countries

CertifiedThe other reason why majorities of online companies prefer Philippines to other countries is because the country has been certified as an online marketing nationally. As is the case with India, Philippines host hundreds of experienced and skilled SEO practitioners. Rather than opt for cheap labor from countries that are just beginning to learn SEO, most online entrepreneurs prefer working with a workforce that is already versed with what they are doing.

On the other hand, the Philippines also host hundreds of online marketing companies that know what it takes to rank high in search engine pages. As pointed out earlier, SEO is not just about key word optimization. Most online users today use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn search for products and services. Hence, in addition to being visible in the SERPs, you also need to be visible on social networking sites. But to do so, you need to hire someone who understands online marketing.

5. Manila Hosts Hundreds of SEO and Social Network Media Events Yearly

Unknown to most people is that Manila, the capital city of Philippines hosts hundreds of search engine optimization as well as social media events. May be it’s because the country is also host to thousands of experienced and skilled SEO experts. Some of the SEO and Social Media conferences that have been hosted in the country over the past 12 months include Mashable Social Media Day and the SEO Organization Philippines – Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011.

6.  Social Network Media Capital

social networking capital

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According to a recent survey, it was discovered that the country with the highest number of Facebook users is Philippines. When looking for expert SEO in the Philippines, you want a company that has also embraced social network media since it’s practically impossible for one to increase their presence online without the including social network media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

7.  Passion for the SEO Industry

Majorities of SEO experts in the Philippines are not only passionate about their work, but take online marketing work pretty seriously. The industry is made up of seasoned and budding SEO experts and each group is more than willing to learn new things. It is the eagerness to discover new things that have propelled Philippines as the market leading SEO provider. While other SEO experts from other countries were crying foul about the recent Google update, Philippines SEO experts were working around the clock to discover what to do in order to avoid the Panda and Penguin effect. It is the passion and fervor that Philippines SEO experts have that have endeared them to millions of clients worldwide.

9. Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction GuaranteedIn contrast to other countries, the SEO services providers in the Philippines will provide you with high quality work. Majorities of SEO companies in the Philippines offer their clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The fact that the experts are willing to stand by their work by risking their earnings is a true testament of the quality of work you can expect from Philippines SEO writers. As pointed out earlier, SEO companies in Manila understand the importance of embracing fresh concepts and ideas. Consequently, do not expect the SEO service provider in Manila you have selected to apply search engine optimization ideas that were used in 2010 or 2011.

In addition to the above, search engine optimization experts in Philippines are native English speakers. Therefore, you can be guaranteed to work that is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.


Armon is graduate of B.S.I.T major in Network Administration; a Social Media Marketer and SEO Consultant for North Social Media. You can follow him on Twitter.

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