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Every business considers to grow and want to develop a strong clientele. Promoting and advertising a business is a key to obtain its objectives. There are different methods used for advertising, some of them include the traditional marketing as well as the modern ones. As a matter of fact, the modern methods are useful in reaching more targeted audience, but the traditional marketing methods also have some vital advantages.

Traditional Marketing – What is It About?

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing actually refers to a kind of advertising, promotion or marketing campaign that has been utilized by numerous business companies for ages, and offered them with approaches to achieve their marketing objectives. The different means of traditional marketing include means such as print adverts like newspaper, flyers, billboards, newsletters and print adverts as well. Several other forms of traditional marketing include commercials or other TV spots, radio spots for advertising products, businesses or services.

Traditional Marketing – Advantages

Although there are several modern marketing approaches that assist marketing managers do the work and can easily enhance their business’s clientele, completely eradicating the traditional marketing approaches with the modern ones can prove to be risky.

  • Traditional marketing approaches haven proven to be successive.
  • It is not subjected to customers or clients having access to the World Wide Web, but anyone with a mail service, television, newspaper or radio can learn about your services or products.
  • Business owners can bring in their products, services or business to their prospects with print advertising and several other traditional marketing methods.
  • Creative and unique marketing techniques can get you more and more customers attracted towards the products or services you are offering.

Traditional Marketing – Disadvantages

  • It requires high levels of creativity and originality.
  • It is very costly and time consuming.
  • You cannot promote your products, services or business globally.
  • More resources are required, which in terms require more funds.
  • Traditional marketing approaches do not offer access to services, products and businesses 24/7.
  • Hiring professional marketing or advertising agencies are pretty costly.

Online Marketing – What is It About?

online marketing

Online marketing refers to different marketing techniques and strategies utilized exclusively over the World Wide Web. This kind of marketing is comprised of different activities such as social media, interactive advertising, website advertising, email marketing and various others. Businesses are still on the quest to discover new opportunities and channels to promote their products and services over the Web.

Every single business has different products or services to offer to its clientele. Since the advent of the Internet, the approach of Online marketing has aided numerous business owners make money over the Web in a pretty modest approach, and this is one of the reasons why small as well as large scale businesses have opted for the Internet marketing options. Nevertheless, just like any other business plan, Internet marketing offers its own share of merits and demerits. Let’s figure out how it can be valuable as well as a risk to your endeavors simultaneously.

Online Marketing – Advantages

  • It does not require any sort of initial investment to get started. Anyone can easily start off with less than a thousand dollars.
  • With the flexibility of Instant Messengers, users can work at their own ease and convenience at their preferred timings.
  • You can work with the least amount of resources or can solely manage everything.
  • Your endeavors are accessible 24/7. This actually means that you will be to make money over the Web even when you are asleep.
  • Moreover, you do not have a limited audience, whereas you will be able to reach your customers worldwide and they will be able to shop anytime and anywhere they want.
  • Testing and experimenting of products as well as services costs pretty less.
  • Moreover, you can get associated with several affiliate programs and earn money through it.

Online Marketing – Disadvanatges

  • The online marketing does require a lot of hard work and effort.
  • Moreover, the Internet marketing industry is always changing. What perhaps is in demand for now may not be the same in the next few months from now, for this reason; you need to be continuously on the lookout for something that is new concerning your endeavors to survive.
  • A broad range of products and services are available in the industry and for this reason the competition in the industry is quite tough. You need to keep this fact in mind that you are not the only one selling products and services over the Internet. Just like you, there would be many different business owners who are selling same services and products over the Internet.
  • Finding and bringing a targeted audience to your site is extremely tough just as it is to find the most suitable prospect.
  • Most of the portals do not support the customer inquiry and service response programs. This is the reason why most people find themselves deprived of knowing more about specific services or products as what they require is an individual to whom they can easily communicate or question about.
  • The internet users tend to be more cautious here as there have been too many scams and hackers over the Web.
  • Internet marketing does not offer get-rich-quick schemes at all, as many people consider it to be a source.

Online marketing has several other pros and cons. All you require here is to overcome these merits and recreate them into something that benefits your endeavors. First and foremost, you need to know more about your audience which is going to make you earn more over the Web by offering them products and services  they actually are looking for.

Online vs Traditional marketing


Both the traditional and online marketing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The outcomes indicate that both traditional and online marketing techniques can be incorporated which would result in a more effective approach to supplement your current marketing and advertising campaigns. You will not only be able to make your business success locally but will also be able to promote it internationally via online marketing techniques.

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