Computer keyboard with social media keysOver the past decades the technology has advanced a multi-fold particularly in the aspect of communication. The advancement is a level up from the traditional media that includes documentaries, television, radio and newspaper. For many years, people have relied on print and electronic media to know the happenings throughout the world. However, this option is difficult to reach all the people.

The birth of social media has made communication a lot easier through the internet. The internet gives all the possibilities of crossing borders to blend with the new worlds and other cultures. Likewise, we can reach out to other people anywhere in the world virtually within seconds through different web services available on the web based devices like mobile phones. When the internet exists it makes the world shrinks down as the results of the influence that social media has an impact to the present generation.

Types of Social Media

Social media comes in different forms that can be informative, interactive, educational and promotional. It is important to know and understand each type so that you will know which one will work best in case you want to utilize in your business.

Blogging – It is an activity in which the user is allowed to post self-made information on a blog domain. Various topics can be discussed in a blog as long as it will give useful information to the readers or visitors of the website. Blogging is easy to do as it does not require an individual to be professional and expert. Instead, deep knowledge about the subject is necessary in order to come up a good content.

Social networking – The social media opens a lot of opportunities to interact with family and friends despite of the distance and time differences. This is made possible through the different social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more. Social networking sites allow adding friends, joining groups, attending events, playing games, buying tickets, chatting and many other services.

Chat/emailing – This is another form of social media in which people can use different websites to send emails to anyone anywhere in the world. It is the fastest way of keeping in touch that can also be used in business transactions and other communication purposes.

News updates – Viewing news and other stories throughout the world has made easier by browsing the official website of the news channel like BBC and CNN. Likewise, the users can also give their opinions through the platform provided for discussions and forums.

Event updates – There are websites that cater the events of bands, artists and other performers. This form of social media informs the people about the current happenings in the entertainment as well as in other industries.

On the other hand, social media are also used for business purposes. It is used for advertising businesses that is why most business owners are using it as an advertising tool. Social media have started new trends in marketing strategy. Apparently, the methods and cost of advertising is getting expensive. This is the reason why most companies utilize social media in their advertising campaign. It is because this method can reach a wide range of customers without spending big amount of money. There are other marketing strategies available yet the business owner should choose the strategy that will work best for his or her business.

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

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  1. Search engine optimization – Private domains and web pages used for advertising should be optimized. This means that it needs search engine optimization in order to obtain more traffic into the website. The high – ranking page has great opportunity of getting sellers bid and advertisers. Search engine optimization is difficult to do but it gives good results.
  1. Sales through Internet – Another great strategy in social media marketing is to give purchase options. Nowadays, most buyers are using credit cards in purchasing products either online or offline. Thus, selling products online through social media should be customer-friendly.
  1. Know your brand – Knowing your brand is also important in social media marketing. There are several things to consider in making your brand. You should know your expertise, your value proposition and your goal.
  1. Become an authority – Aside from advertising your products, it is also necessary to create content relevant to your product. This is the best way to share your knowledge, tips, thoughts and mistakes. Providing good content will let your customers know about your skills and expertise.
  1. Build relationships – Once you have built your brand the nest step is to build relationships. This is the easiest way of creating networks because through social media you can easily keep track your friends and followers.

Moreover, there are other ways in monetizing social media. Using in-stream advertising is the easiest way of targeting social media platforms. However, it is important to ensure integrating the social media structure so that it will appear in a natural way. Likewise, you can also enhance the power of social media by including product reviews and user-generated content. Many brands are using UGC so that their customers will give attention to their marketing emails thus increase the returns. In the same manner, user-generated content can improve conversions. Nevertheless, you should provide product-related content and keyword diversity that is helpful in Google rankings and eventually obtain inbound traffic. Furthermore, using social media in marketing your business provides innovative and enterprising opportunities. This method does not require pouring too much of resources instead it leads to the route that ensures gaining profits.

Indeed, it helps in dealing with new opportunities and challenges thus give the chance of exploring marketing possibilities. Investing in social media offers good return on investment as long as you know how to use it efficiently. It does not only help in reaching out more customers but also engaging in two-way communications. Additionally, it is sustainable because even if the giants in social media may toss but there will always be something new to arise. Yet, the social media ensures long-term sustainability and has the ability to pre-empt and identify the next big shift.


Armon is graduate of B.S.I.T major in Network Administration; a Social Media Marketer and SEO Consultant for North Social Media. You can follow him on Twitter.

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